Your Lenovo Desktop Computer! Any Make. Any Model. Any Problem.

With one of the fastest repair times in the market, we can fix lenovo desktop computers from many problems while you’re waiting at the store checking out our deals and products. On an average, small issues can be fixed within 30 - 45 mins, some repairs (hardware or software) can take up to 2 – 3 hours and others may take longer. But we value your time and notify you when the computer is ready so you can schedule your day and pick it up accordingly.

If there is a serious problem that will take 72 hours or longer to repair, we can provide you with a free laptop or desktop until the work is done. We understand it's hard to be without lenovo computer while it's in the repair shop for a while, that is why we hope our free loner laptop will allow you to continue your work un-interrupted.

We’ll Repair Lenovo Desktop Computer or Personal Computer's Problems ON THE SPOT!
And it’s Fast, Friendly and Affordable! Guaranteed!

When you bring in your broken lenovo computer to our store, our mission is to fix your problem 'fast' and at the 'lowest possible expense'. So we diagnose it for free! Tell you all possible options and with your consent, take things forward. Next, we try and repair/ fix the problem while you’re in the store so you can take your repaired desktop computer back with you. Unfortunately some issues take longer and we notify you exactly how long it’s going to take and call you once the computer is ready for pick up. You can also take advantage of our 'Online Order Tracking System' so you will always know at what stage of repair your lenovo computer is. That is why Lenovo Computer Repair at is easy, hassle free and saves you not only time and energy also money!

Our team of highly trained technicians, backed by state of the art equipment and repair facility is ready to offer is customers in Chennai, Bangalore and Pune 'value for money' repair and replacement services.

Our Customers say ‘ is the Best!’ and you will say that too because:

01. We Offer Computer Repair Services with Minimum Waiting Time:

At we work on short deadlines. Our Qualified and Experienced Technicians and State of the Art Repair Facility enable us to meet your Turn Around Time expectations. We ensure that you get back to work fast.

02. We Offer Computer Repair Services at Affordable and Most Competitive Prices:

With us you save up to 80% on repair as compared to the authorized service centers and at least 30% - 40% from other competitor stores. Besides we keep a strong check on Quality. There’s no point in paying less for bad quality and then regretting a bad decision. We provide you with quality products and very reasonable rates.

03. Lenovo Desktop Computer and Data is Secure with Us!

We understand the importance of customer data and its confidentiality. With us you can be rest assured that Lenovo Computer is secured and in safe hands.

04. We offer vast product range in Desktop Computers and Accessories:

Our vast product range of Desktop Computer Parts and Accessories can help you complete all Lenovo PC needs. CPUs, Monitors, Memories, Hard Drives, Motherboards, Graphic Cards, RAMs, Cooling Fans, Gaming Cases, Headphones, Speakers, Mouse, Keyboards, Webcams, Cables etc. You Name it! We got it! All under one roof! Do drop in to check out our stock!